Petra Weiß - Animal Assisted Trauma Therapy

Social Commitment

Therapies with animals have a great positive effect on traumatised people!
The animals give support, trust, love and help the patients to enjoy life again.

In her practice for animal-assisted trauma therapy, Petra Weiß practices this profession with heart and blood. With her qualifications as a healer for psychotherapy, asterpractionerin NARM, Somatic Experiencing and equine therapist, Ms Weiß knows exactly how animals can help a patient to get back in touch with themselves and others and heal their psychological wounds.

STADLER is very proud to be able to support this admirable work in our region.

We try to support this wonderful work in various ways, such as with the recently built metal ramp for barrier-free access, built by STADLER.  

In 2022, we look forward to continuing this support, which is close to our hearts.