Sorting Plants for Plastic Bottles

One of our areas of expertise is the pre-sorting of bottles for washing plants. Thanks to our extensive experience, we achieve a high degree of purity in the final output fraction, which enables seamless further processing.

STADLER experience

“For more than ten years now, STADLER has been planning, designing and building high-performance plants for sorting plastic bottles worldwide. Over 15 plants have been put into operation worldwide to date.”

Material properties

Baled mixed plastics and loose mixtures of plastic bottles are processed within the framework of plastic bottle sorting.

Example process description

Both, mixed plastics in bale form and loose plastic bottles, can be added to the process via separate material infeeds. Our ballistic separator subsequently separates fine grains and flat material. The remaining three-dimensional material is freed from any impurities (ferrous and non-ferrous metal separation), before being separated into different plastic fractions by means of optical sorting. Subsequently they are either baled or prepared as infeed directly into a washing plant. Thanks to cooperation with Krones AG, we are able to cover the complete recycling loop in the field of plastic bottles. Following sorting and baling, the material is granulated and processed. The resulting regranulate is mixed with new granulate and melted. Using injection moulding machines, so-called "preforms" are created from this product, which are blown into new PET bottles after a short heating process. These are then cleaned and labelled, filled and sold.

Main components

  • Ballistic separator
  • Windshifter
  • Shredder
  • Near infrared technology NIR
  • Overband magnet
  • Eddy current separator
  • Sorting cabin
  • Baler
  • Conveyor
  • Steel construction with walkway
  • Electrical engineering

Output fractions

  • Clear PE
  • Clear PET
  • Coloured PE
  • Coloured PET
  • Ferrous metal
  • Non-ferrous metal
  • PE granulate
  • PET granulate
  • PP
  • PS


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