Inspection Service

Use our expertise and knowledge to maintain the efficiency of your plant.

Tailored to your needs

We can offer you individual inspections as well as contracted  tailored inspections, which include a working schedule, contract and administration service. These can be based upon chosen individual machines or to the whole plant.

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STADLER inspection service - Important benefits and advantages

  • Identification and elimination of vulnerabilities
  • Better cost planning by identifying upcoming repairs
  • Cost savings due to planned downtimes
  • Optimisation of plant components
  • Development of a professional maintenance strategy
  • Fixed inspection costs based on a flat-rate price
  • Comprehensive Inspection report using cutting edge software detailing the analysis of defects, damage and cleanliness of the plant as well as repair and maintenance recommendations
  • Thermal Imaging technology is used alongside the inspection with an added report of all running temperatures along with suggested temperatures to help you understand the inner workings of your plant